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The Yaesu FT-857 & FT-897 (and their later variants) support the installation of the Yaesu YF-122S (2.3kHz), YF-122C (500Hz), and YF-122CN (300Hz) Collins ceramic filters. These filters are mounted on a small circuit board that plugs into the radio. Extra pins on the filter cuircuit board are used to indicate to the radio which filter is installed, and this information is used by the radio to display the correct filter "name" (label) in the radio's menu system (ie, the "MFn" row).

Inrad and other companies sell YF-122 series compatible filters, plus additional filters with different bandwidths (eg, 2.0kHz). These filters use the same filter circuit board pinouts as the Yaesu filters. For Inrad bandwidths other than the standard Yaesu filter values, one of the standard Yaesu filter circuit board pinout configurations are used. This results in erroneous filter names being displayed in the radio's menu system (eg, the 2.0kHz filter displays a "2.3" name/label).

However, for unrecognizable filter circuit board pinout configurations, the Yaesu radios provide a way to manually set a four-character name/label to the filter. Using menu #64, select the FIL1/FIL2 filter position and enter a filter name/label in the same manner as entering a memory name/label.

In order to make a "non-standard" Inrad filter "unrecognizable", ground pin 6 of the filter circuit board before installation. The following table lists the possible pinout configurations:

- - -N/A (no filter installed)
- - 12.3 Yaesu YF-122S 2.3 kHz SSB filter or equivalent.
- 7 -500 Yaesu YF-122C 500 Hz CW filter or equivalent.
- 7 1300 Yaesu YF-122CN 300 Hz CW filter or equivalent.
6 - -FILxCustom; user may change label via menu option #64.
6 - 1FILxCustom; user may change label via menu option #64.
6 7 -FILxCustom; user may change label via menu option #64.
6 7 1FILxCustom; user may change label via menu option #64.
Does not work in the radio's "DIG" mode.

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