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Icom ID-1 64-bit Windows drivers

To install a working FTDI serial driver for the Icom ID-1 on 64-bit Windows:

  1. If you have already attempted an install of the ID-1 drivers, delete both the Serial Port and the USB converter devices (check that the manufacturer is FTDI before deleting) using the Windows 7 Device Manager.
  2. Download the FTDI v2.08.30 driver and run it.
  3. In the Windows 7 Device Manager, select "Update Driver" for the "ICOM ID-1 USB DEVICE".
  4. Browse manually, and pick "Universal Serial Bus controllers" from a list of device drivers.
  5. Select "FTDI" as the manufacturer.
  6. Select "USB Serial Converter" as the Model.
  7. Select AGAIN "Update Driver" for the "ICOM ID-1 USB DEVICE".
  8. Browse manually, and this time pick "Ports (COM & LPT)" from a list of device drivers.
  9. Select "FTDI" as the manufacturer.
  10. Select "USB Serial Port" as the Model.

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